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1st Grade
 Spelling Words

Teacher: Ms. Edwards


Dear Parents


I hope you had a great Easter


Break. Assignments will


resume on  Monday


4/20/2020 via google 


classroom. If you have any


concerns or questions


please contact me via my


email. Please tell my 


students that I miss them


very much. I hope we


can be together again




God Bless, Stay Safe


Ms. Edwards


Please Note: If you are


having technical difficulties


please reach out to Mr. Tyler


via his email. He will


do his best to assist






Dear Parents


I hope all is well with you


and family. I have a few




Some sudents are not


turning in assignments on


the Due Date given. All


assignments must be


turned in on the Due Date


which is a friday, so I


can grade and post in


Power School.Students 


who do not meet the

Due Date will not be

given full credit.


I know we are all busy


and we are all adapting


to this new way of living.


I will grade Late assignments


but try to stay on top of


things so we do not become




Thanks in advance


for your attention to


this matter.


God Bless






Good Morning Parents,


I hope all is well with you.


I have some concerns. Some


students are still not


meeting the due date with


their assignments.All


assignments are graded


on the weekend. The


students have the week to


complete them. Students


who do not meet the 


due date with their 


assignments will not get


credit. I am unable to


grade some assignments.


Assignments (Especially


Math) must be uploaded


in google docs.


I want to thank you for


your hard work. I know


some of you are essential


workers and some


of you are at home. I hope


we can get back into


the classroom soon. Mr.


Tyler and I are working


on a way for me to see


the students via zoom.


I will keep you posted.


Enjoy you week and 


continue to do your best.












Hello students, I have added google classroom as another form of virtual learning as we continue to practice social distancing. Below is a list of each student's email address. Please reach out to me via email for your password. Once you have your password, please log into your email and accept the invite to google classroom. 


Laiyah    Amankwa         lamankwa@stjosepheo.com

Aayan    Brown-Purdie      abpurdie@stjosepheo.com

Jeremiah Edwards           jedwards@stjosepheo.com

Annabella Emanuel          aemanuel@stjosepheo.com

Jordyn Giles                jgiles@stjosepheo.com

Nyah    Goodman    ngoodman@stjosepheo.com

Kingsley Grant    kgrant@stjosepheo.com

Leila Joseph               ljoseph@stjosepheo.com

Meshelemiah    Malbranche    mmalbranche@stjosepheo.com

Alaya    Nance                anance@stjosepheo.com

Ethan    Robinson    erobinson@stjosepheo.com

Carlos    Rodriguez    crodriguez@stjosepheo.com

Messiah Smith    msmith@stjosepheo.com

Briana    St Clair-Morency    bsmorency@stjosepheo.com

Justyce Taylor            jtaylor31@stjosepheo.com

Jonathan Williams          jwilliams@stjosepheo.com

La Lanni Yasin-Harris       lyharris@stjosepheo.com











Grammar- Replace the


Nouns in each Sentence


 with a Pronoun


1. Cindy fell asleep.


2. Carlos and Ken are




3. Mr. Tylor is coming.


4. Kim and Shan are 


going to the Party.


5. Ms. Brown found


the pen on the floor.


6. Ben did not come


to school.


7. Can Karen, Sue


and Jen come to my




8. Mae said that Mae


was not feeling well.


9. Wendy said that


the book belongs to




10. Susan is eating lunch.


(C.W. Tablet).


Math- Find the Missing




(1)15 - [ ] = 9


(2)  18 - [ ] =9


(3) 16 - [ ] = 7


(4) 25 - [ ] = 21


(5) [ ]- 7 = 20


(6) 225 - [ ] = 112


(7) 86 - [ ] = 72


( 8) [ ] - 8 = 12


( 9) 12 - [ ] = 4


(10) 9 - [ ] = 5


( C.W. Tablet)


Parents Please Remember


to reach out to me via my


email. Assignments will


be posted on


google classroom from 








Dear Parents, 


Some of our Students get


extra help from our


Resource Teachers.You can 


reach out to one of our


Resource teachers-


Mrs. Leone via email













Assignments for 3/16/2020


Reading- Write 8 sentences


on the Topic-


'My Weekend'


(C.W. Tablet)


Reading Workbook


Pages 269 and 408


Science- Reading


Assignment- Read the


chapter on Habitats


eg- Definition, Types and


Animals found in each 


Habitat. (Science Text) 


Today's Assignments


are listed below.


























Assignment for today




Grammar- Read the


Narrative on Page


172 in the Reading


Workbook 'The Loon'


Use a crayon and circle


the verbs. Put a check


above the Pronouns.


Phonics-List 10 words


with the Beginning


Consonant Blend of


pl eg. play,


plan. Choose 5 of the


words listed and make


Five Sentences.


(C.W) Tablets


Phonics to Reading Text


Pages 305 and 312




Pages 147,150,152


Social Studies


Text- Pages 26 and


27. Answer the


Questions on Page27


(Social Studies Tablet)






Dictionary Practice


Arrange these words


in ABC order-


plan, plow, plum, plaza


plot, plugs, planet, plain,


plough, please.


Write 10 sentences using


each word.(C.W.Tablet)


Reading Workbook- 


Pages 407 and 429


Math- Pages 89, 90, 93


Science- Read Pages




Answer the questions on


page 285, page 287-Question


1 only. Page 289-Question


1 only.(Science Tablet)






Letter Writing


Write a letter to your


friend inviting him/her to


go with you to the Movies.

(C.W. Tablet)


Phonics- Pages 406, 407,


408 - words ending with


ild, ind, old.


Math- Pages 94 and 95


Social Studies(Review)




Chapter 2(Needs & Wants)


Answer Questions 1 & 2


on Page 101


Chapter 3 (Spending&


Saving)- Read Pages


104-107. Answer Questions


on Page 105. (Social


Studies Tablet)


Good Morning Parents,


I would like to thank you for


doing your best to be 


'Teachers' this week. You


got an idea of what the


students do on a daily


basis. They normally do


5 subjects daily including


Bathroom, Snacks, Recess


and other Specials. Please


do not overwhelm 


yourselves. We are all


trying to cope with this


'New Normal'. I am


putting a package together


for you to pick up next week.


Ms. Cavaness will give


you the date. Friday is usually


a 'light' day of mostly


oral work.Thanks


again and stay safe.






Phonics to Reading


Pages 234 and 235


Math Page 99.


Previously I was unable to get


into my email. That problem


has being fixed. I am


requesting that you  take


a picture of the Math


that was done yesterday


and send it to my email


so it can be graded. I


will tell you when to send


the other subjects.




Reading Workbook


Page 347




Reading Workbook


Page 350




Page 218


Art Project From


Ms. Hobbs


Draw and Color a Picture of


Spring(Be Creative).






Phonics to Reading


Pages 131,132,133,139


Social Studies Review


Read Lesson 3- Pages




Answer the Questions on


Page 25. (Social Studies






Parents you can pick


up the Home Assignment


Packets on Wednesday


March 25, 2020, Between


the Hours of 9am-12pm.


A Due Date will be posted






Ms. Edwards




Good Morning  Parents. I


hope all is well with you.


The Packets can be 


dropped off at the School


Office on April 6, 2020


between the hours of 8 am


and 12 pm. I have


set up google classroom


for our students to receive


assignments. As soon as


I get word from our


Computer Teacher


I will forward information


in regards to class code


and how you can access.


Assignments for




Choose a Story from


your Reading Text. Read


the Story and then Answer


the following:-


Write the Title of the


Story. Write the name of


the Author and the


Illustrator. List the


Characters in the Story.


Write what happens First,


Next and Last in the


Story. If you had to give the


Story another Title, what


would it be? (C.W.Tablet)




We did Odd and Even




List the Even Numbers


Between 1 and 12


List the Odd Numbers


between 20 and 30


Circle the Odd Numbers


in this list- 28, 47, 62, 65,


73, 77, 82, 88, 93, 96.


Draw a line under the


Numbers that are Even-


128, 135, 140, 143, 156,


159, 160, 163, 164, 173.


( C.W. Tablet)






Phonics to Reading


Page 125


Reading- Write 8 Sentences


on the Topic 'I Love Spring'




Math(Comparing Numbers)


Put the Correct Symbol in


the Bracket) to Show 


Greater Than, > Less Than <


or Equal To =


34[ ]40, 33[ ]29, 16[ ]30


120[ ]220, 96[ ]96,52[ ]25


36[ ]63, 99[ ] 90,140[ ]140


75[ ]57, 2[ ]2, 12[ ]21.








Grammar- Use words


from this list to make


Compound Words-eg


tea +cup becomes


teacup. Choose 5 of the


Compound Words and make


5 Sentences.( C.W.Tablet)


List- cake, fly, ground, shake,


play, butter, milk, box,note,


mail, book, cup, brush,


hero, paint, Super, ball,


drop, base, rain, corn,


light, pop, sun


Reading Workbook


Page 411


Math- Find the Missing




( 1) 16 + [ ] = 20


(2) 12 + [ ] = 18


(3)  [ ] + 6 = 20


(4) 120 + [ ] = 130


(5)  36 + [ ] = 72


(6) 25 + [ ] = 34


(7)   0 + [ ] = 5


(8)  48 + [ ] = 55


(9) 82 + [ ] = 82


(10) [ ] + 40 = 60












Stay Safe


Ms. Edwards




































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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