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Third Grade
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School Year 2019-2020 

Week of October 15 - 18, 2019 

Math 4: *Do Wb. page 33.

          Due: Wednesday, October 16 

          *Do the worksheet "Fall Friends"

          Due: Thursday, October 17 

         *Do TB page 113 #14 - 25

          Due: Friday, October 18



Science 4:Science Trivia:

           Q: How many mosquito bites does it take

              to drain the blood of an adult human


           Due: Wednesday, October 16 

           Q: What is a Nor'Easter?

           Due: Thursday, October 17 

           *Do the worksheet "Plants"

           Due: Thursday, October 17 

           *Science Trivia:

           Q: Which is likely to last longer, a hair on

               your head or one of your eyelashes?

            Due: Friday, October 18


Science 5: *Science Trivia:

             Q: How many feet does food travel in the

                average adult's digestive tract?

              Due: Wednesday, October 16 

            *What is a Nor'Easter?

              Due:Friday, October 17 

            *Science Test on the Digestive System


             Test is on Tuesday, October 22 

            *Science Trivia:

            Q: By the time you are 75 years old, how

               many years will you have spent sleeping?

              Due: Friday, October 18 

             *Do TB page 84 # 1 - 11 in NB.

              Due: Friday, October 18


Religion 4:*Study the names of the first 10 books of

            Old Testament in order.

            Test is on Tuesday, October 22 

           *Religion Project:

            1. Choose your favorite Saint.

            2. Write a report of your favorite Saint

               and include the Feast Day.

            3. Dress up a doll as your Saint

               and don't forget to add details to

               the Saint's attire.

            4. The Doll "Saint" must be in a standing


            Due: Friday, November 1, 2019 


Religion 5: *Religion Project:

            *Choose an African Saint you like.

            *Write a report about the Saint and make

             sure to include the Feast Day.

            *Dress up a doll as the Saint you have 


            *The doll "Saint" must be in an upright


            Due: Friday, November 1, 2019


Social Studies 4:*Do the worksheet "Christopher


                   Due: Wednesday, October 16 



Mrs. Rowley's Homework:

   English 4: *Do page 15 Exercise 3 # 1 - 6 and

               *Do Apply it Now"

               *Do the worksheet "Subject and 


               *Do page 20 - 21 Exercise 1 and 2.





Week of October 7 - 11, 2019



Math 4: *Do the worksheet "Subtracting Money"

           Due: Tuesday, October 8 

          *Do TB page 85 # 27 - 28. There are 

           5 problems on each. Pls. circle your 

           answer. (in NB)

           Due: Wednesday, October 9 

          *Do Math WB. pg. 14.

           Due:Thursday, October 9 

          *Do Math workbook page 19.

           Due: Friday, October 11


Science 4: *Science Trivia: 

             Q: Which plant has flowers but no proper


             Due: Tuesday, October 8 

            * Trivia: 

             Q: What leaves does a silkworm prefer to


             Due: Wednesday, October 9 


             Q: Which European tree lives the longest?

             Due: Thursday, October 10 

            *What is the name of the food storage 

             organ found in many birds?

             Due: Friday, October 11


Science 5: *Science Trivia:

             Q: Which part of your eye receives no 

                 blood at all?

             Due: Tuesday, October 8 

            *Read pages 82-83. Answer questions

             on Page 83 #1 - 4 in NB.

             Due: Tuesday, October 8 

            *Science Trivia: Every day, 50 gallons of

             blood are cleaned. Which organ in your

             body cleanses the blood?

             Due: Wednesday, October 9 

            *Science Trivia: 

             Q: What is Bromidrosis?

            Due: Thursday, October 10 

            *Science Trivia:






Religion 4: *Study for the test on Wednesday on

             the different mysteries of the Rosary.

             Test on Wed. October 9


Religion 5:*Study for the test on Thursday, the 

            different mysteries of the Rosary.

            Test on Thursday, October 10


Social Studies 4:*Do TB page 33 # 2 - 4. Write 

                   answer in a complete sentence. (This

                   work was assigned on Monday, Oct.7

                   Due: Thursday, October 10.


Mrs. Rowley - Teacher

Reading: *Do workbook page 46 # 1 - 5 and page 49.

           Write spelling words 3x each in NB.

          *Compound Predicates Ex. 1 Questions

           #1 - 10 page 4.

          *Do page 15 Exercise 2 #1 - 8







Week of Sept. 30 - Oct. 4, 2019 


Math 4: *Do the "Morning Math" worksheet

           Due:Tuesday, October 1 

          *Do the Morning Math "Problem Solving."

           Due: Wednesday, October 2 

          *Do workbook page 3

           Due: Thursday, October 3 

          *Do workbook page 6

           Due: Monday,October 7


Science 4:* Science Trivia: 9/30

            Q:The Goliath beetle is the largest insect

               living today. How much does it weigh?

              Due: Tuesday, October 1  

           *Do the worksheet "Vocabulary Word


            Due: Wednesday, October 2 

           *Science Trivia:

            Q: What is the official state insect for


            Due: Wednesday, October 2 

           *Science Trivia: 10/2

            Q: When you sneeze, how many miles per

                hour does a spray shoot out of your


            Due: Thursday, October 3 

           *Do the worksheet "Writing a Report" on

            Why do leaves change color?

            Due: Monday, October 7



Science 5: *Science Trivia: 9/30

            Q: Where do you find the smallest bone

                in your body?

            Due: Tuesday, October 1 

           *Science Trivia: 10/1

            Q: Malaria kills over how many people

               throughout the world each year?

             Due: Wednesday, October 2 

            *Do the worksheet "Unscramble" 

             vocabulary words.

            Due: Wednesday, October 2 

           *Science Trivia: Pls see Grade 4 Science.

            Due: Thursday, October 3



Religion 4: Religion Test next week on Wednesday,

            October 9. Pls.study the worksheet on

            the different mysteries of the Rosary.

            Test is on Wednesday, October 9


Religion 5: *Color the picture of "The Rosary". Follow

             the color code.

             Due: Tuesday, October 1 

            *Religion Test on Thursday next week

             on the different mysteries of the Rosary.

             Test is on October 10.



Social Studies 4



English: Grade 4 Mrs. Rowley's Class

         *Worksheet "People-Places-Things

          Place each word into the correct category.

         *Do Textbook page 12 Compound Subjects

          Ex. 1

         *Study vocabulary words, Quiz on Wed.

          October 2, 2019


         probably          encyclopedia 

         spaghetti         turban

         concentrating     favorite

         vegetable         yogurt

         container         ignored

         definitely        forehead 


        *Do the worksheet "Nouns, Adjectives, Verbs"

        *Do English TB Ex. 2 page 13 #1- 8

        *Study your vocabulary words.





Week of September 23 - 27, 2019

Math:* Do TB page 53 # 23 - 26 in NB.

        Due: Tuesday, September 24 

      * Do TB page 79 # 21 - 38 in NB. Circle

        your answer.

        Due: Wednesday, September 25 

      * Do TB page 103 #1 - 10 in Math NB. Circle 

        your answer.

        Due: Thursday, September 26 

      * Do TB page 77 #7-26 in NB.

        Due: Friday, September 27



Science 4: *Draw the diagram of a Plant cell. Label

             and color your diagram.

             Due:Tuesday, September 24

            *Do the worksheet "How plants Grow"

             Do both sides.

             Due:Wednesday, September 25.

           * Do Science Trivia:

             Q: What is the largest moth in Tropical


             Due Thursday, September 26 

           * Do the science trivia:

             Q: How many lenses are in a dragonfly's


             Due: Friday, September 27



Science 5: *Do TB page 54 #1 - 9 in NB.

             Due: Tuesday, September 24 

            * Do the science trivia and study the 

              terms about the skeleton mostly on

              how each term is spelled.

            * Do the science trivia.







Social Studies: *Do the worksheet "How To Read A


                  Due: Thursday, September 26


English: *Do TB page 11 Exercise 3 #1 - 8 in NB.

           Due: Tuesday, September 24 

         * Do the worksheet "People, Places & Things"

           Due: Friday, September 27





Week of September 16 - 20, 2019


Math:* Do TB page 42 #1 - 10 in NB

       Due: Tuesday, September 17 

       *Do TB page 55 #17 - 30 "Rounding"

       in NB.

       Due: Wed. September 18 

       *Do TB page 69 # 1 - 14, just add the 


       Due: Thursday, Sept. 19 

      *Do Math TB page 64 #1 - 11 in NB.

       Due: Friday, September 20



Science: *Draw, print, cut out from magazines, 

          picture of different animals. Draw it or 

          glue it in Science NB.

          Due: Tuesday, September 17 

         *Do TB page 38 # 1 - 7 in NB

          Due: Thursday, September 19


English:* Finish Exercise 2 #1 - 14 in NB.

         Due: Tuesday, September 17 

         Do page 7 Exercise 3 #1 - 7 and 

         "Apply it Now" page. 7

         Do work in NB.

         Due: Wednesday, September 18

* Bring a map to school by Friday, It

           can be a theme park map, state map, 

           world map, etc.

           Due: Friday, September 20 


Social Studies


Week of September 9 - 13, 2019


Math 4:Do Math TB page 37 #21-28 in NB.

         Due: Tuesday, Sept. 10 

         Do TB page 37 #29 - 36 in NB.

         Due: Wednesday, Sept 11 

         Do TB page 37 #33 - 48 in NB.

         Due: Thursday, September 12 

         Do TB page 40 #1 -15 in NB

         Due: Friday, Sept. 13



Science: Grade 4 Quiz on Friday, Study notes copied

                    on Monday, Sept. 9.

                    Quiz: Friday, Sept. 13




Science: Grade 5 Quiz on Friday, Study notes copied

                   on Monday, Sept. 9

                   Quiz: Sept. 13



Religion 4Color the worksheet "Ordinary Time." Use

           green color for the Priest's vestment.

           Due: Wed. Sept. 11



Social Studies 4:* Color the worksheet "NJ State 

                  Flower." Study the notes about the

                  state flower.

                  Due: Tuesday, Sept. 10 

                 * Color the State bird and State

                  Flower of New Jersey.

                  Due: Wednesday, Sept 11 

                 * Color the worksheet, State Bird.

                  Due: Thursday, September 12 

                  Answer the worksheet "New Jersey"




Reading: Mrs. Rowley 

         * Use the 10 vocabulary words in a sentence.

          future          predict       mood

          cereal          cardboard    impossible

          newspaper      collected      purple

          worthless       convince


                Do TB page3 Exercise 2. Write 14          


           Due: Thursday, Sept. 12 


         *Do TB page 5 Exercise 3 #1 - 10 in NB.

          Due: Friday, September 13

          Quiz tomorrow on vocabulary words.





















































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